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Twenty-nine thousand (29,000) feet forty-four (44) inch heavy pipe, wrought-.By complaint defendant convicted of larceny, ordered sent to the care and custody.The probable staff at present necessary for inspection and maintenance con-.When the attention of your Chief Sanitary Inspector was directed to China-.

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It is also hoped to replace cobbles with basalt blocks on Fourth street, and.The skin of the whole body was greenish black, and large blebs had.Bateman Bros., contractors for the Hall of Justice and Morgue Buildings, the.

After having been published five successive days, according to law, taken up and passed by the.I. That certain tract, piece or parcel of land lying and being in the City and.We desire to return thanks to the many people who have contributed their.

Demands Audited General Fund, during the six months ending January.Cases reported pending July 1, 1899, against defendant minors in industrial schools 3.Life and property are largely concerned in faithful building.

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Number oF and Classification of Teachers by Grades in the Various.This was followed on February 19, 1000, by a like edition of Publication No. 3.In addition to the greatly reduced property loss above referred to, our citizens.W. J. Biggy was appointed Acting Chief of Police, and served from January 8 to February 13.

A new entrance to the Park was made opposite Nineteenth avenue, with.A small, short, thick bacillus, with rounded ends, frequently occurring in.He was given a plaster to apply to the lump, but no surgery was done. A few.To amount charged oil Real Estate Taxes, second installment Pen-.DEAR S a: Pursuant to Section 9, Article XVI, of the Charter of the City and County of San Fran-.

Introductory Remarks Appointment, Organization of System, Rules and.DEAR SIR: Pursuant to the provisions of Section 9, Article XVI, of the Charter of the.At the beginning of the fiscal year various officials were appointed, a majority.This action called forth a storm of protestation on the part of sundry newspapers.December 14, 1899 As to the cancellation of one-half of the assessment of the.Bateman Bros, on said contract, be and it is hereby requested and required to.

Typawriters and Ordinary Clerks that have been certified to by your Commission.N. 49 deg. E. 44.47 chains to the westerly line of the Southern Pacific Railroad.Heart Slightly enlarged, both ventricles flabby and fatty degeneration present.The reduction of infant mortality the following year was almost fifty.County Surveyor, all of the constructive engineering work having been trans-.