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MHDs in Vietnam normally consisted of one officer (major) and one enlisted man (sergeant).Discusses how Vietnamese operators are trained, how they work, and how they are as employees.Bharat Rakshak. Consortium of Indian. The AOC Ops Command taxied into the squadron dispersal,. LOC and Northern Paki Punjab. AT present we have Pathankot,.Exit interview conducted 6 January 1969 with MAJ William Westgard, Commander, 7th PSYOPS.The initial company that made contact was reinforced by three other rifle companies-a cordon fight.BG Hollingsworth and MG Cagwin discuss with individual soldiers problems found with various weapons.Exit interviews with COL W.R. Wray, Commander, 45th Engineer Group and Director of Construction, USAECV (P).

Exit interview conducted 31 July 1969 with COL John Hemphill, Chief of Plans, USARV.Discusses developments in enemy activity in II Corps during March 1968-February 1969.Covers logistics, support, intelligence, battlefield mobility, organization, task force concept, training and tactical short-comings.Exit interview conducted 14 April 1969 with MG Leo CofS, USARV discusses his administrative duties and the organization of USARV staff.Exit interview conducted 17 January 1970 with COL Thomas Musgrave, Commander, 21st Signal group.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for History -- Heroes Under Fire Jungle Ambush at Amazon. a squadron of UH-1F Green. of Loc A. Hua the.Exit interview with SGT Van French, Heavy Weapons Advisor, Mobile Advisory Team 56.

Exit interview conducted 20 July 1968 with MG John Hay, Deputy CG, IIFFORCEV, later CG Capitol Military Assistance Command.Covers security considerations at Da Nang Headquarters, outlying facilities and convoys.Interview with MAJ Paul Lyon, Senior Advisor to 3d QC Battalion and Bien Hoa POW Camp.Both officers discuss road building, personnel, supply and maintenance problems in their commands.Exit interview conducted 23 July 1969 with Colonel William Webb, Commander, 1st Div Support Cmd.Interview with LTC Donald Hiatt, Senior Ordnance Advisor, 3d Area Logistics Command( April-December 1970).

Small unit action, attack on a 25th Infantry Division battalion night defensive position, 15 June 1968.Exit interview conducted 2 July 1967 with MG Frank Miller, Deputy Chief of Staff, Plans and Opns, later Chief of Staff USARV.Combat interview, Operation Caisson VI, Presumably search and destroy, 10 December 1967.Tour Start Tour End: AFSC Flight / Duty Section Hometown: Current Loc. Notes: Rank(Gr) King George Jun-66 Sep-67 202 Charlie South Carolina 2T'd from 6901st Zwei.Discusses planning for redeployment of 9th Infantry Division elements from Vietnam.Discussion with Lieutenant General McCaffery, Deputy Commanding General, USARV.Interview with LTC R.L. Curl, Commander, 20th Engineer Battalion, specializing in longterm projects.Covers operations in support of Lam Son 719, 720 and 810, use of sensors, ammo supply, and target acquisition.

VNIT-1019 North Vietnamese Offensive in III CTZ, 1-18 April 1972.Interview conducted 9 June 1971 with Colonel William Hathaway, Commander, 196th Infantry Brigade.Interview conducted 22 June 1968 with Brigadier General George Young discusses his tour with the division.Exit interview conducted 22 June 1968 with COL Jack Milligan, HQ I FFV.

Meeting engagement at an enemy base camp by a rifle company 30 August 1967.Series of interviews of US advisors in Chou Doc Province, IV CTZ, RVN.Exit interview conducted 20 October 1970 with 1LT Kim Krueger, Training Officer, Long Binh, Saigon Support Center.Exit interview conducted 2 February 1970 with LTC Gerald Carlson, Commander, 6th Battalion, 31st Infantry, 3d Brigade, 9th Infantry Division.Interviews with Province S-3 advisors from Kien Giang and An Xuyen Provinces, IV CTZ.

Exit interview conducted 10 June 1968 with MAJ Richard Pfeiffer, senior advisor, 3d Brigade, ARVN Airborne Division.Discusses organization, tactics, personnel, equipment in his unit.Find great deals on eBay for 1st CAV Vietnam in Collectible Military. WAR PATCH-BLACKJACK,. Black Hawks were a self-contained air cavalry squadron,.Interview conducted with CPT Raymond Gosselin, Personnel Officer, HQS, CORDS, Bien Hoa, SVN.Discusses his role and relates the duties and difficulties of his position, current and future ARVN ability to handle signal equipment.

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Exit interview conducted 10 February 1971 with MAJ George Murray, S-4, 2d Brigade, 25th Division.Exit interview conducted April 1969 with LTC Leonard Riley, Commander, Phu Lam Signal Battalion.VNIT-129 Troops A, B, and C, 1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry.Interview with Colonel Harvey Dickerson, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Comptroller, HQ, USARV.Exit interview conducted 12 January 1969 with BG Robert McAlister on the role of Assistant Division Commander-B, and on his temporary command of separate operations in the Ban Me Thust and Duc Lap areas of III Corps Tactical Zone.Interview with LTC R.E. Bayless, Commander, 36th Signal Battalion, Long Binh.

Special Briefings conducted November 1967-August 1968 to Brigadier Van Harlingen, CG of 1st Signal Brigade.VNIT-602 US Army Support Command, Qui Nhon, Director of Supply.VNIT-997 Americal Division, Assistant Division Commander (Maneuver).Informational interview conducted 26 November 1969 with MAJ Robert Salerno, Senior Signal Advisor, ARVN Signal School.Interview with CPT Gary Tillery, Laundry and Bath Officer, US Army Support Command.Discusses problems in handling cargo at Qui Nhon and other ports.Small unit action, rifle company daylight meeting engagement, 7 February 1968. Incomplete.

Discusses primary duties, conduct of operations, problems encountered, and lessons learned.Provides valuable commentary on the organization and operation of the Capital Military Assistance Command Interview by 7th MHD.Exit interviews with COL R. A. Chidlaw, Commander, 35th Engineer Group, and LTC C. L. Blalock, Commander 815th Engineer Battalion.Reconnaissance in Force, Night ambush patrols. 3 battalions conducted operations in the Trapezoid 3-10 October 1968.Comments also on morale, motivation, and training of US soldier.Provides a good critique of our advisory effort and the subject of that effort.

Exit interview conducted 24 December 1969 with MG Allan Burdett, Commanding General, 1st Aviation Brigade and USARV Aviation Officer.Exit interview conducted 25 October 1968 with LTC Clarence Barry, Commander, 95th MP Battalion.Exit interview conducted 7 December 1969 with MAJ Horace Brewster, OPNS Officer, 240th QM Battalion.Exit interview conducted 12 April 1969 with COL Eugene Murdock, Commander, 89th MP Group.Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player: Complete Compatibility list The Sega Genesis Ultimate portable game player is a Megadrive. Battle squadron.